Rose St. Artists' Market & MAAD!

3:34 AM

Hullo there! This has been a much busier period for gewwybeans, what with setting up stalls at craft markets(within a time span of less than two weeks), preparing new items and also revamping the etsy online store! But it is a good kind of busy I must say. That little bit of a push really helped snap me out of the rather passive attitude I had for gewwybeans. Now, I just need to continue this momentum. :p

So, in August, I took a step of faith and decided to take part in the rose st. artists' market in Melbourne. It's just the loveliest little market filled to the brim with creative items and designs that are completely one of a kind. I remember being really sad the last time I visited rose st. because I only had less than an hour to browse.
The last time I really took part in a market was more than a year ago, and with the long hiatus in between, starting gewwybeans up again was exciting yet scary at the same time for me. I wasn't sure what to expect especially since I wasn't super familiar with Melbourne.
It was a great experience though! People were really friendly and chatty and being the typical 'I'll never ever speak up in class' kind of Singaporean, it took me a while to open up and to just enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the market.

I'm really thankful I had my pretty best friend, ros, who was there to help me. You are really gewwybeans' best best helper! :D

And of course, an obligatory picture with the stall, haha. We truly braved the chilly weather and cold winds!

There's really everything at the market.. from pottery to bags to cards, photography, candles, just everything!

The awesome people behind rose st. market also recently opened a really cool cafe right beside the market, called young blood's diner. Unfortunately we didn't really have time to try out the menu, but the food sure smelled duper good, haha.
The Rose St. Artists' Market is at 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy and it's held every weekend! It's definitely a must to drop by if you're in Melbourne. :>

Back in Singapore, I decided to take part in September's MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers), just one day after my bday, heh. :D
It was a really good experience as well, I realised that there are many people in Singapore who really appreciate the arts and MAAD is pretty awesome in providing people with a platform to showcase their creative works.

The awesome mom who really helped me so much, and without a word of complaint. Thank you for sewing all the gewwy tags onto the bags (and calming me down when I kept having trouble printing the bags).

MAAD is held once every month, on a friday, 5pm-12am. The next one is on the 11th of Oct! It's at the red dot museum, 28 maxwell road.

wow, this is my longest blog entry in a long long time. Do stay tuned though, gewwybeans is gonna come up with more exciting new stuff! :D

Have a blessed week!

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