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12:07 PM

pooka being all shy when Anastasia and Dimitri's kissed (aww)

The other day I was just talking to my friend, hui-ting, about how much I loved (still love) Anastasia. We first started singing (softly) 'we were strangers starting out on a journey....' and then it escalated to a giggly and full of gusto rendition of the whole song, with surrounding and amused friends joining in.

Even as I kid I remembered watching the movie countless times with the pirated VCD (ops) that I requested my dad to buy. I don't quite know what it really was about the movie that formed such a deep impression on me, perhaps it was the music, the romance, and the secret wish that I too were a long lost princess. :p I had a mini microphone in the computer that could record sounds, and I just played and manually recorded all the songs, even printing out the lyrics so I could memorize and sing anytime I wanted. Kinda miss those carefree days of innocence.

Just a little random post, heh... of reminiscences..

Alright, have a loud and wonderful wednesday! :>

ps: some gewwybeans updates: we're trying to come up with more designs for Christmas! and totes. Possibly looking into creating notebooks or calendars. I just need to... work on my dissertation and project work. time management time management narggh!

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