new totes! (and some behind the scenes, haha)

1:31 PM

hullo! a big big happy weekend to everyone! 
I absolutely love weekends because not only can I get to take a break from work/school, I get to go to church and be found in the House of God, yay! :]

Anyway, this is a little late, but I wanted to blog about the new totes we have! We decided to go for a more petite sized tote this time round. Okay, I just realised I'm always typing "we decided, we wanted, we chose.." but actually gewwybeans comprises of just me - grace. so.. there's no we, there's just me, and xiaojia at times hahah. Okay, sorry for side-tracking.. yes! Our smaller and cuter bags are handy enough to bring anywhere. But don't belittle its size because you can really store a lot of things in it! I bring it to school with me sometimes (think 2 big textbooks, one water-bottle, small pouch of random necessities, wallet and a pencil case).

I had a lot of fun taking pictures for this set of newer totes because I did it with my bestie, ros, and in Melbourne! I usually put off taking pictures of new products because Singapore is just so hot I would sweat with the camera and everything... but Melb was just perfect cos of the cold weather, heh.

 Here are some pictures! You can find the full set of totes here. :)

don't you just love ros' cute ugg boots!

And to make this post less boring, I have some 'behind the scenes' pictures to share. :D

check out the super sunny sky! It was a lovely day :]

and of course, my best helper, rossie ros. thank you for posing so patiently for me and helping me with finding spots and coming up with ideas.

Alright, have a good weekend! :)

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