so beautiful Your love

2:31 AM

Hi there! Happy 5/6 of November! :)
Where did october go? I finally submitted my final year dissertation, woohoo!! (3 more reports to go though, but yes I can do this!!!). I had such a crazy stressful day, felt sick, emotional and made horrible horrible decisions. But I believe that whatever setbacks we encounter, there is always something we can learn from it and many revelations are revealed. I'm so excited to finally have a bit more time to focus on gewwybeans, to quickly come up with christmas cards and new designs!!! I think.. it's gonna be super exciting because we signed up for not one, but two art markets! heehee

A very lovely friend of mine wrote this wonderful wonderful heartfelt letter to me, to comfort me as well as to remind me of God's love. Revenge and anger is truly like feeding poison to yourself, the only way to let go is to forgive. I think of how Jesus was mocked and tortured, yet He prayed to God to not forsake them. How amazing and sacrificial is that?

Glory to the King who gave His life
Glory to the Lamb of sacrifice
Beautiful and broken, holiness and love
Glorious the wounded hands of God


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